Heidi Klum’s new Fashion Line, When & Where to Get it

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Heidi Klum’s new Fashion Line Available at LIDL September 21st.

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

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Guys!! It’s finally almost here! I’ve been talking about this collection for a few weeks now and I’m going to tell you how to get your hands on it THIS WEEK! This is a long post, but I wanted to explain all about what LIDL is, (rhymes with needle) so you can better understand what the product is and why it’s being sold exclusively at LIDL stores starting September 21st.

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL


First things first, I really want to explain more about LIDL because while it’s a huge grocery chain internationally, it’s only recently come to the United States in the last few months. If you’ve heard about them, or happen to live near one that just popped up, you’re probably wondering what it’s like, what can you expect, and how does it compare to other grocery stores. I had the SAME questions so I actually did a lot of research and went into the store myself to see. Here’s what I found out.


LIDL is unlike any other grocery store I’ve seen here in the states. When you walk up to the store you will notice huge windows surrounding the building. After looking into it, I found that LIDL designs it’s buildings to let lots of natural light in, to help cut down on overhead costs and save you money. When you walk into the store, you’ll notice LIDL has only 6 aisles, however they still manage to carry everything you need in a grocery store. Instead of offering 100 different kinds of ketchup, LIDL offers you a name brand ketchup, and their brand of ketchup. They don’t fill the shelves with thousands of things to choose from, you get in, get what you need, and get out. Major. Timesaver.

To be completely honest, I have always been a name brand shopper. I’m comfortable with brands I know, and Blaire is always picky about it to. She will love one apple juice but if it’s in a bottle instead of a box she just won’t have it. When I first when into LIDL myself, I kept an open mind and actually tried a lot of the LIDL brands, and get this, I ACTUALLY FOOLED BLAIRE WITH THEIR APPLE JUICE. Ha! Their brand was in a little yellow box just like MOTTS and Blaire had zero idea it was any different. My husband and I also decided to try LIDL’s version of RedBull. See below for pic, as its super easy to tell what the product’s competitor is. Honestly, it was ridiculously close in flavor and if the drink was in a Red Bull can I probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference. Oh, and it was $0.88 versus the $2.50 for an 8oz can… not even kidding!


I snagged the groceries I needed for a party that evening including, 6 bags of jalapeño, 2 rolls of pork sausage, paper plates, bananas, cream cheese, pineapples, SEVEN BOTTLES OF WINE (I could write an entire post about their wine but I won’t, just trust me its AMAZING and it starts at $2.50), shredded cheese, boxed apple juices, 2 energy drinks, and even a couple more things and my total was…. $60. I promise you it’s worth a trip in to see what it’s all about! Stores are popping up all over the east coast, but you can go HERE to see if there is a LIDL near you.

WHERE IS LIDL in the United States?? (So far)

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL


By now you’ve likely seen my posts wearing several pieces from the new collection. I went to New York during fashion week to see the runway show and learn even more about the line. I am so excited to share with you these pieces and several looks featuring them below. I don’t have exact price points yet, but everything is extremely affordable and surprisingly versatile. From girls night, to date night, and even to work, her pieces mix and match perfectly. I’ll link some other blogs for you at the end of this post to show how others are styling her line as well.

Esmara by Heidi Klum is the name of this new collection (about 70 pieces here in the US) that will be available exclusively at LIDL starting Septemeber 21st.  Heidi Klum was the perfect partner for LIDL as she is german model, and one of the biggest fashion icons of all time.

In the middle of every LIDL grocery store is a non-grocery section called LIDL SURPRISES. These are big bins with boxes and boxes of surprises, with things from tools and gadgets to clothing, and once these goodies are gone, they’re gone forever. This includes Heidi’s line, Esmara by Heidi Klum. Things will come in packages that have the size and a picture of the item on the front, so when you’re shopping at LIDL – here’s what you’ll see.

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDLHeidi Klum fashion line at LIDLThese pictures were taken at the LIDL x Heidi Klum event in NYC but as you can see, it’s set up to resemble the grocery store, and that is an actual sample package of what you see when you shop the LIDL Surprise Section. Check out UrbanBlonde.com to see more exclusive pics of the event!


As I mentioned above these pieces are very affordable! I will list the prices below under the looks so you can see for yourself. My favorite pieces include the suede jacket, which is a totally dupe for one I spend $200+ on earlier this season, the leopard print booties, and the super flattering and inexpensive skinny jeans (see how to save 15% below!). I have found things to be pretty true to size, but if you have questions just shoot me an email at accordingtoblaire@gmail.com or message me on instagram.


to get 15% off of any skinny jean: follow @lidlus on instagram, message them with ‘according to blaire‘ and they’ll give you a coupon to shop her ultra-flattering skinny jeans in store!


Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

Skinny Jeans: $9.99 (BEFORE MY 15% DISCOUNT!) 4 color options, Sizes 2-12 Available Suede Jacket: $49.99  Black and Cognac color available, Sizes 2-12 Available Booties: $29.99  Black and Leopard, Sizes 5.5-9.5 Available  Camisoles: $6.99 Multiple colors, Sizes 2-12 Available

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

Top: $8.99  Multiple Colors, Sizes 2 – 12 Available Clutch/Crossbody Bag: $19.99

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

Leopard Booties: $24.99

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

Leopard Print Dress: $17.99  Multiple colors, Sizes 2-12 Available Black Suede Booties: $29.99 Cardigan: $19.99 Multiple colors, Sizes 2-12 Available

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

Jacket: $29.99 Also Available in Leopard, Sizes 2-12 Available

Heidi Klum Fashion

Suede Jacket: $49.99 Leopard Heels: $24.99 Multiple colors, Sizes 5.5-9.5 Available Cami: $6.99 Multiple colors, Sizes 2-12 Available Skinny Jeans: $9.99

Heidi Klum Jeans Only $9.99

Pullover: $9.99 Multiple Colors, Sizes 2 – 12 Available, Jeans: $9.99 before my coupon, Heels: $24.99 multiple colors, Sizes 5.5 – 9.5 Available

Esmara X Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL

LEFT TO RIGHT: Natalie from The Fashionably Broke, Grace from Gracefullee Made, (ME), and Marissa of Style Cusp

Right before heading to our first event with LIDL, where we got to meet some big time international bloggers, members of the LIDL team, and see some more pieces from the line. The line is full of leopard print (the hottest trend of the season!), metallics, sequins, cobalt blue and classic black.

Heidi Klum fashion line at LIDL


If you’re local come by the grand opening of the Henrico store on the launch date, September 21st! I’ll be there with the LIDL team and would love to meet you and help you shop the collection! Don’t forget to send a direct message to @lidlus on instagram, mention According to Blaire to get your coupon!