from that thrift shop down the road (let’s go!)



sooo first of all i love this dress.  second of all…  i just quoted mackelmore.  from that thrift shop down the road!  yes, you read that right, i got it from a thrift store.  i’m always looking for one of a kind pieces and came across this super cute store in Carytown, VA.  i didn’t know it was a consignment store when i walked in.  i’m used to Plato’s Closet which i hate because its cluttered and everything is old and dirty looking.  but this place was different, most items didn’t look used at all and the prices were stunning.  i picked up this hot little dress for $25, good as new.  it’s by eight-sixty, so you know it wasn’t cheap to begin with.  i’ll take it!  i encourage you to look around your town and see if there are any hidden gems like this near you.  typically second hand is not my thing, but when its barely used, and i’m only going to wear it a couple times, its a win in my book!  if you happen to live in the Richmond, VA area, then i’ve already done the searching for you.  be sure to check out Clementine and Ashby’s, both located on W Cary St.  you’re welcome 😉

i paired this sexy find with my favorite peach and gray necklace and comfy Steve Madden wedges.






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