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Happy Monday friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend and you’re day is going by fast. For me this weekend went by fast and this Monday is feeling pretty Monday-ish.


I think it’s safe to say that I love jewelry. But I don’t just love any jewelry – I’m actually really picky about it! I love statement pieces, bright pieces, everyday pieces, but to me they have to be a little bit unique. I tend to wear this brand a lot so you shouldn’t be surprised, but my jewelry obsession has hit a new level with Harper & Jewels.

Mountains of Christmas Regular *formerly Jewel Bar* IG: @HarperandJewels

Seriously – this little online boutique could not be any cuter, and the prices are so affordable that my collection grows almost daily. Kerri makes sure every piece is perfectly on trend, budget-friendly & unique! What more could you ask of a jewelry boutique? Here are some of my favorite pieces I’ve worn from Harper & Jewels over the last few months and many of them are still available on her site. Spoiler Alert- Friends & Family are receiving H&J Jewelry this Holiday Season! Which piece is your favorite?





Tassel Fringe Necklace

Tassel Fringe Collar Necklace

Shelby Fringe Statement Necklace

Glasses Galore

Double Tassel Necklace

Crafty Girls Regular






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