It’s in My Bag – 8 Must Haves


Bella J Cosmetic Bags // Karen Walker Sunglasses

In no particular order, I’m talking about 8 of my favorite things that I pretty much carry every where I go. I am always switching up my bag to go with my outfit or to fit to wear I’m going, but there are some things that typically stay the same. My wallet & cosmetic bag are the first things I grab when I’m transferring purses all the time. Let’s take a look! 🙂

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Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster

Let me just say that this might be my favorite beauty find ever. I came across it accidentally at Saks and the makeup artist asked me if I wanted to try it on. I reluctantly said yes just because I wasn’t wearing much makeup at all and needed a little beauty boost ( literally! ) Ha anyways, he applied it to my cheeks, and my lips and it I was super impressed. I use the Rose shade because it makes a great base for my lips, but it’s also enough color to stand out on it’s own. It also looks awesome on my cheekbones, and I think the color would be flattering for almost every skin tone. {$30.50 at Nordstrom}

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Laura Mercier Bronzed Pressed Powder

I feel like no matter what time of year it is I always look a little better with a glow. Tanning beds are so college and  this is a great way to look sun kissed without damaging your skin. This Laura Mercier bronzer is one of my favorites, just because I like the shade and after all the bronzers I’ve tried in my life, this one has never cracked on me! Seriously no only is it a waste of money when your makeup cracks but bronzers especially make a ridiculous mess. So – whenever I need a little pick me up – I just slap on a little bronzer and instantly feel better!  {$34 at Nordstrom}

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EOS Travel Size Lotion

I’ve never met an EOS product I didn’t love. Any travel size lotion will do but EOS has some amazing scents and I love the size of their bottles. It’s especially perfect in the winter time when my hands are feeling dry and its definitely a must have on the go.

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Baby Lips by Maybeline

Is there even life without chapstick? No one likes dry cracked lips and I totally can’t even put on lipstick without adding chapstick. It’s like putting foundation on your dry skin, it needs some kind of primer! Some Chapsticks seem to dry my lips out even more if I use them on a regular basis but I’ve found that the Baby Lips line from Maybeline does not do that to me. My lips feel amazing and smooth and even give them a little shine. Somehow they always seem to disappear though (Blaire…) and I’m always buying some!

{About $3}

Pretty Girls ScriptDot by Marc Jacobs

If you haven’t tried rollerball perfumes then you are so missing out! I don’t wear perfume every single day and I think its so overpriced. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever finished an entire bottle before. A few years ago my best friend got me a set of Rollerballs and I’ve been addicted ever since. At Sephora they have a whole rack of them in all different fragrances, and most are around $25. So for $25 you get to try out different perfumes, mix it up throughout the week, and if you really end up loving it then you can eventually buy the whole bottle. They are really easy to apply, and best of all they are small and can fit right into your bag! It’s a little less intense then spraying perfume right in your face but I do think its a good amount of scent and stays on all day. The one I’ve been wearing lately is Dot by Marc Jacobs. (I like Daisy better but I dropped my Daisy on the floor and it broke, sad face. That’s the downside to Rollerballs).

{$25-45 at Sephora}

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Wet Brush

I love love love my wet brush! My hair tangles really easily and I’ve always got one or two hundred out of place. My favorite part about it is you can – guess what – yes! brush your hair when it’s wet. I’ve never taken to combs very well and this brush is perfect for wet hair (obvi). It works especially well on Blaire, my fine-haired- curly head. Everything else ‘hurts’ her head but this brush gives to all of your tangles, slowly working them out without all the tugging and pulling. I have the mini one for my purse, just to save room!

{$6-10 on Amazon}

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Karen Walker Sunglasses

I never leave the house without sunglasses. It’s sunny nearly every day here in Virginia and in the winter the sun seems to be on the horizon all the time shining directly in my face while driving. If you can, opt for polarized sunglasses, but they are more expensive. I’m really not even sure what they do but the sun is much less intense, and things are much clearer. It’s hard to describe until you actually try it, but it’s totally worth the extra dollars.

{$250 at Nordstrom}

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Bella J Cosmetic Bags

I don’t typically lug all my makeup around with me but I do always have a cosmetic bag in my purse. This is wear I hold all my breakables and spillables. IF your bronzer or powder breaks, your eyeshadow leaks some dust, or your lipstick cap falls off, it’s only getting the cosmetic bag dirty. It never fails if I throw a makeup item straight in my bag that it somehow gets all over the inside of my purse, and then I cry like a child and have to figure out a way to wash the inside of my purse. Save yourself the trouble, and put it in a makeup bag. Tons of cosmetic lines give away free makeup bags with the purchase of their makeup, or you can get them at the dollar store for, well a dollar :).

{$28 for a 3 pack at Bella J}

What are your must haves that you carry with you every day? Being a mom I also carry around a ridiculously oversized purse filled with kleenex, snacks, toys, crayons and everything else under the sun. I’m sure some of you can relate! Thanks for coming by and hope you have an amazing weekend!


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