The Perfect Flannel + What it Really Means when you Wear White After Labor Day

Tied Flannel & Skinny White Jeans After Labor Daywhite jeans after labor day white jeans after labor day white jeans after labor day white jeans after labor day white jeans after labor day white jeans after labor dayWhite Denim // Laurel Booties // Handbag // Plaid Button-down // Sunglasses // Engraved Bracelets

Happy Monday! I’m back home to my babies after 3 days in NYC. It’s crazy how fast 3 days can go by in the city, but I’m happy to be getting back to normal life. I’ll be recapping my trip hopefully later this week or early next week along with all my outfits, but it was so good to see my friends and meet some new people!

This flannel I’m wearing is super soft and lightweight and is going to be perfect for layering when the weather gets colder. I also think it looks cute to tie around your waist when it’s a bit warmer. It was part of the Nordstrom sale and sold out really quickly, but it’s fully back in stock. The top is ¬†actually a little bit longer, so I was able to unbutton the bottom and tie it at my waist for a different look. I’m also clearly not abiding to the rule of no white after labor day, because its an old made up rule that was created to distinguish upper class from the middle class.

I mentioned it in this post last year, but apparently light colored clothing used to be a sign of wealth, and only the upper class could afford it. After the depression, lower class became middle class and it became more affordable to wear white. The upper class created this rule to not wear white after labor day so therefore if you knew about the rule you followed it, and if you didn’t know about it, they could tell you weren’t upper class.

So in my opinion – white after labor day is definitely ok! What do you think?

Photography by Amanda Matthews


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