Ringly – The Ring Every Mama Should Have



Meet Ringly – the gorgeous ring every mama should own!

Ringly is a smart ring that connects to your phone with bluetooth. As a mom, I’m always afraid I’m going to miss that important call from school, the doctor’s office, or my husband. Now with Ringly, I never have to! I hooked my ring up to my phone, so now whenever I get a text or a call, I get subtle notifications. If someone is calling, my ring will vibrate four times, and if someone is texting me, I’ll get two vibrations. This is what I cared about most, and what I set the ring to do for me personally, but it’s completely customizable for what you want.

Ringly came extremely handy last week when I was out to dinner with my husband. We left our three year old at home with the babysitter, and just wanted a quiet – no cell phone – dinner to ourselves. Towards the end of dinner, my Ringly started vibrating, a few seconds later another text, and then another… I thought, well either my best friend telling me a story via text, or it’s the babysitter. Sure enough I got out my phone and the babysitter had texted me about our daughter being sick to her stomach. So I texted her back, we wrapped up dinner, and were home in 15 minutes to our poor little sick child! I’m so happy that I was wearing my ring that night at dinner or who knows when we would have been home.

For all you working mamas that are in meetings, or work where you can’t have your cell phone on you at all times, this is such an amazing tool for you! And – its such a gorgeous ring!

You are completely in control of the notifications, and what you want to be notified with. There are 5 notification colors (just a subtle blinking light on your ring) and 4 vibration patterns. All you do is download the Ringly App, follow the instructions to set up, and then customize your notifications. At night simply charge your Ringly in it’s case for the next day! I’m wearing the Daydream model, but all of the rings come with a charging box and a micro usb cable. The Ringly battery will last 24-48 hours at a time, and it’s charging box will last about 8-10 days. You can even be 20-30 feet away from your phone and you still won’t miss an important notification.

I’m totally loving this ring and had to share since it’s so functional and fashionable! Save 15% off your very own by using ‘BLAIRE15′

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