Salon Quality Blowout at Home


Get ready to have the best hair of your life, every day. Today I’m sharing with you the products I’ve been using for the past several weeks and I am LOVING my hair.

I’ve never had a favorite shampoo, I usually just got whatever I found at Target, usually always trying something new but never loving it so much that I had to go back and get it again. Recently Paul Mitchell sent me their new Awapuhi Wild Ginger product line. OH MY GOSH. I start with their Moisturizing Lather Shampoo that’s so thick and creamy I can feel it making my hair softer. Then once a week I use their Keratin Intensive Treatment, that goes on like a conditioner. I leave it on for a few minutes while it rebuilds and repairs my hair, and then rinse. Finally I finish with the Keratin Cream Rinse, which I love because it revives and detangles. These products not only work amazingly at the first use, they are color safe and smell unbelievable. I don’t think I will ever be able to use anything else! You can shop these products from Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

I used to have a favorite hair dryer. It was a $300 Nume Dryer that I got for $100 on groupon. It had several settings, never gave out, and dryed my hair quickly. So I was a little hesitant when Fromm Beauty reached out to me and wanted to send me their 1907 Zero7 Air hair dryer, and blowout brushes. As soon as I got the dryer out of the box, I immediately realized how light it was and how easy it was to hold. That’s when I knew it was much different than what I was used to. They also sent me three brushes: the 1907 hot paddle brush, 1907 square thermal rounder brush,  and the 1907 glosser paddle brush.

The hot paddle brush is amazing because it has an aluminum pad that helps reduce drying time, and accelerates straightening. Between this brush and the blow dryer, I swear my hair went from wet to finished in under 10 minutes. The dyer has multiple settings, including high & low power, and temperature settings, and the best part was it was unbelievably quiet and my wrist didn’t hurt afterwards.

The square thermal rounded brush is also awesome. It can help you create straightness, waves, or even a tight curl depending on how you hold the brush. It’s nylon bristles decrease drying time and are high heat resistant.

Finally, the glosser paddle brush, which just might be my favorite one. It has premium boar bristles that help create a lustrous shine, improves natural moister and hair texture, and contain and anti-frizz serum. How insane is that? I’ve used it on my wet hair and it doesn’t pull hard and detangles my hair. This is a must have brush! You can shop all Fromm Beauty products at Ulta.

Shop all these amazing, salon quality products below! I’m seriously obsessed!


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