Today I’m featuring some amazing skin cleaning products! My biggest problem right now is just trying to find a way to make sure all my makeup is off at night. I’ve never been consistent at washing my face at night, and always regret it in the morning when the remaining makeup that hasn’t sunk into my pores is smeared across my face. So cute. I’ve started with TULA‘s Discovery Kit, which is actually half price right now! I was amazed at the very first thing I used, the Purifying Face Cleanser. You use it just like normal fash wash, but it’s thicker and creamier, and your makeup is off and face is clean in seconds. You can actually feel the cleanliness of your face, and it feels awesome.

My other favorite part of the Discovery Kit is the Hydrating Day and Night Cream. They say it’s like a “multivitamin for your face” and it definitely leaves your face feeling fresh and moisturized.

All of TULA‘s products have probiotic technology, which provide so many benefits for your skin including wrinkle reduction (YES PLEASE), PH Balance, Stress Resistance, Hydration, Even Tone & Texture (who doesn’t want that!) and redness reduction.

If you give it a try or have used it before I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section! Thanks for coming by, see ya’ll soon!


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