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So you know all that cool shit you see at places like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters around the checkouts and stuff that you didn’t come in for but then you see it and have to have it? Yeah … thanks ankit! They make some amazing stuff and I wanted to review them here for you! These are a few of my favorite things from ankit.



These headphones… holy cuteness!! So bright and fun, and actually comfortable for once! I’m wearing the Pastel Pink Floral Headphones with noise isolation. I wore them on my loud flight from the east coast all the way to LAX and it was so nice not having to hear kids crying and people talking while on the crowded plane. They are super lightweight an have amazing bass. These headphones come in several adorable patterns and colors and are the perfect price to treat yourself or give as a gift!

Also pictured is this gold chevron anti shock case. I love it because it feels kind of soft and gel-ly but still holds its shape really well without being too hard or flabby. SO CUTE & FUNCTIONAL!


To go along with this case and to make sure I never ran out of battery while I was out with my friends in LA, is this awesome portable rainbow power bank. It provides 8 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video, or 40 hours of music! This portable charger was a total life saver especially since I was away from home for awhile. It fit right in my clutch, and i just plugged it in when my battery would get low. Unfortunately for my friend who did not have this, charger her phone with our cab driver and he ended up stealing it from her! Not to say your phone will get stolen if you don’t have a portable charger, haha, but it’s definitely convenient and you don’t have to worry about leaving it somewhere plugged into a wall (or car).


Lastly, this Aztec Heart air freshener is so fun and unlike all the other ones I’ve seen. Everyone wants there car to smell good but not everyone wants a tree hanging from their rear-view mirror right? I absolutely love everything I got from ankit but my handsdown favorite are the headphones. I don’t know what I was thinking just using the iphone ones all this time and I’m really not sure I could ever go back! Give them a follow on Instagram @iheartankit and check out all their fun affordable products on theankit.com. Thanks for stopping by!

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