Surprise! Baby Eadie Number 4!

It might be April Fool’s day, but the jokes on us! This fall we will be even more outnumbered than we are now, and couldn’t be more excited about it! It’s no secret that we love kids, but this secret was hard to keep and feels good to finally be out!

Blaire & Brooklyn are 4 years & 4 months apart. Brooklyn & Blake are a little over 14 months apart, and baby #4 will be about 14 months behind Blake! Enjoy the very few photos we had to choose from, more to come soon 🙂

Sometimes, the outtakes are the best part! Getting 3 kids, and 4 balloons to cooperate on a cold windy day when you’re late for nap time is not an easy task. Which blooper is your favorite? I love Blaire’s expression on the stairs! (From lack of her siblings participation!) Needless to say Brooklyn let her balloon go, even though it was weighted she figured out a way. And if you remember last year, Blaire let balloon number 3 go! You’d think we’d be good at nailing these family announcements by now but.. nope! 🙂


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