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Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you today one of my favorite new accessories, this amazing wood watch. Yes, it really is made of wood!

So I got this watch a couple of weeks ago, because I thought it was pretty and I hadn’t ever seen anything like it before. If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you have probably noticed that I like to be different, stand out, and wear things that aren’t super mainstream. I love a good quality watch that lasts, and I love especially that this one is made from Koa wood. Koa is actually a native wood to Hawaii (no wonder I picked this one) and its texture is surprisingly very soft and smooth. The colors of this wood range anywhere from a medium gold to a reddish brown, mine being a pretty reddish brown shade.

Cora Series, Koa & Rose Gold

What is also pretty amazing about this watch, is that the glass part is made of Sapphire glass. Sapphire is clear and transparent, and actually really durable. It is the second hardest, and most scratch resistant material next to diamond. Through the sapphire glass you can see the beautiful rose gold face, as well as the movements of the watch which is my favorite feature. Finally, those pretty little jewels you see? Those are the markers made from Swarovski Crystals.

So, if you’re looking for a great quality timepiece, that is durable, long lasting and unique, then a Wood Watch from Jord could be the watch for you! They are all beautiful and because of the wood material, every one of them is slightly different from the next. I hope to be growing my Wood Watch collection soon, but for now I’ll be stocking up a few for Christmas presents for my favorite friends & family members!






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Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD


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