What Blaire Wore 1/2

What Blaire Wore


This little beauty has a mind of her own. I really should have named her Instagram account “accordingtoblaire” because while I try to persuade her what to wear every day, she quickly wins me over with whatever dress & shoes SHE wants to wear. I’ve figured it out now, that if I really want her to wear a particular dress (we only wear dresses, literally- to bed, to school, to the park – o.n.l.y. d.r.e.s.s.e.s.) I can sway her by saying she doesn’t have to wear pants if she wears a long sleeve dress (we do not like pants either, no really… when was the last time you saw her in pants?). If you do see her in pants, it’s only because I promised her that her BEST FRIEND Linden LOVES PANTS and will be wearing them that day. Sometimes that will work, only if I quickly move on and let her pick out her favorite pair of shoes for the day.

Our favorite shoes of the day are 99% likely to be her Hunter Rain Boots, or her Hot Pink Uggs, and these are typically requested on days its not raining, or semi warm. But her adorable little smile reminds me that she is happy, and she is dressing in a way that makes her feel good. I have always been one to try new things, or wear my favorite things together just because they make me happy and I just convince myself that they somehow match. Who knows, maybe she’ll start some amazing unforeseen trends, such as wearing rain boots on a sunny day 🙂

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