32 Week Bumpdate

Pink TShirt Dress (XS) // Gucci Slide Dupes (size up if in between) // Belladahl Denim Button-down (XS) // Studded Earrings (currently 40% off!)

Officially 32 weeks! Still blown away at how fast this pregnancy has gone by so far… it’s crazy. For most of my outfits I’ve been wearing my old clothes different ways or just sizing up in normal clothes, however when I snagged this dress last week I liked the fit of the XS and I think it will be super cute & comfy for after baby as well. I love the bright bubblegum pink and the slit neckline. Whether you’re pregnant or not I think it runs pretty true to size- while not fitted it’s definitely not a super oversized dress either.

What’s new? Let’s see… seriously not a WHOLE lot is new. I’m still having tons of tightening and Braxton hicks, I just have to make sure that I don’t have more than 6 or so an hour. It doesn’t seem to matter much if I’m moving around or just hanging out, they just come and go. Sometimes it feels really frequent like I should start counting and other times they aren’t as frequent. Last check up I was measuring a bit ahead at around 32 weeks, this time I measured around 31 weeks which I thought was weird! My doctor said the baby likely just changed positions or dropped a little bit lower this week.

How am I feeling? Emotionally – ok lol. Brooklyn just started going to daycare and while it makes me so sad sometimes, I keep telling myself it’s good for her. Although she’s already brought home a cold (and passed it along to me of course!) she’s learning a lot and making friends – which makes me happy! As long as I remind myself of that I can get through the day. Unfortunately the cold for me has pretty much turned into a sinus infection and there’s not a lot of options other than drinking lots of water and resting. So again – just trying my best over here! 🙂 Still lots of acid reflux (but more controlled thank goodness!), exhaustion, Braxton hicks, lots of sciatic nerve pain (this one is new) and also – lack of appetite! I feel like I have no room left and therefore I’m just not hungry anymore. I can eat a few bites of something here and there, but otherwise I’m just not into it.

Side note- I have gotten tons of Qs about my tan. I’ve still been getting a spray tan about 2 times a month. Make sure you check with your doctor to see if you can but mine is ok with it as long as I wear nose plugs. Otherwise, I use this stuff at home in between sessions or just when I want some really good color fast! Make sure you get a tanning mit, this stuff is the real deal and goes on quickly.

What am I wearing? I still never had a ton of luck with maternity clothes other than a few staple pieces from Pink Blush or Pea in the Pod. I mostly rely on oversized dresses, elastic waistbands, and really just sizing up a size or two depending on the item. Old Navy, Asos, Anthropologie and Nordstrom have definitely been my go to places to shop. For those that have asked I am 5’2″, normally wear a 00, XS, or 23/24. Depending on the brand I’ll get a small or medium on top, and an XS or small on bottom (I try to stay a way from numbered sizing during pregnancy, because they typically don’t allow for as much room to grow and are more specifically sized to fit well. If I do however want a regular size jean or whatever, I’ll just go up one size so I can wear it post pregnancy, and if they’re tight at all I can always do the rubber band trick, but it almost always works out perfectly!

What’s Next? I have an ultrasound at my next appointment and I’m so excited to see him one more time! With Brooklyn I swore she looked exactly like her sister, and she actually did the first few weeks of her life! After that well..  you could say they started to look a little bit different from each other 🙂 After that I’ll be going weekly (seriously who has time for that!!) but I am totally going to soak up the last weeks, all the appointments, the aches, the pains, because the second it’s over, you miss it.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you! See my previous bump dates for this pregnancy here!

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  1. June 16, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    I’m so ready for the cute baby to arrive! Glad you’re doing well & love this adorable outfit!!

    xo, Steph | UrbanBlonde.com

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